Your membership supports our year-round awareness campaign to promote vaping in Alabama. We allocate our funds to the following areas:

  • Lobbying efforts throughout the year, both in and out of session, to advocate for policies that support vaping.
  • Media and communications strategy throughout the year, including radio ads, videos, public service announcements, and articles, to educate the public about the benefits of vaping.
  • Marketing and promotional materials to raise awareness about vaping and its positive impact on health.
  • Special events, such as trade shows and other events, to connect with the vaping community and promote our cause.
  • Website and mobile app development to keep our online presence up-to-date and provide resources for vapers.
  • Building a war chest to prepare for local and state-level taxes and laws that may affect vaping, and to support legal challenges if necessary.

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About Us

The Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama (BEAA) is a community of vape vendors, users, and supporters in Alabama. We are dedicated to promoting the responsible use of vape and e-cigarette products by advocating for reasonable statewide and local legislation that protects adult rights to continue using them. Our mission is to ensure that vapers have access to these products and that their rights are safeguarded.

As part of our commitment to supporting the Alabama community, we also believe in the growth and use of hemp products. We work alongside local hemp farmers and retailers and advocate for reasonable hemp legislation that enables the industry to thrive and benefit the state. We are committed to protecting the rights of those who choose to use hemp products and promoting the industry’s development in Alabama.